A Show In Process

 I’m Riesla from Richter’s Jewelry and Design Studio. Today I am here at the Gloria Paints Dogs Studio checking up on the artist.  Gloria has a show coming up in June.  Although I am not at […]

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What Dogs Dream About

  I asked my dog what he dreams about .  He said, “running and playing on the beach.”  Okay…so he didn’t say that exactly. I have a sneaky suspicion though, if he could talk, he would have. ( We’re […]

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When Your Dog Has the Rainy Day Blues …

Nothing Beats Finding a Dog Friend to Rumble With     Rainy days are especially challenging for dog owners whose pets aren’t particularly fond of getting their fur wet.  To keep our pooches entertained indoors, […]

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My Journey to Manifesting a Dog ( Trucker’s Story part 2)

Wanting a Dog Ever since I was a young girl, three things have consistently fed my soul:  Being in nature; being creative; and being with dogs. Before I started to seriously focus on painting dogs […]

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The Dog In the Paintings, Trucker’s Story

  Writing Trucker’s Story…Not Quite as Easy as Painting it   It is early morning, Easter Sunday, and I am alone in an empty yoga studio. I am in a room where the sun pours […]

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Dozer and Loki’s Halloween

Dozer and Loki attempt to extort treats from unsuspecting neighbors in the middle of the day.  

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The Bulldog 180

Some images just don’t make good paintings.   It’s an overcast day and Dozer had a friend come over to visit.  I am always fascinated by the way dogs interact with one another so I […]

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Looking for Dog Art?

You can now purchase prints and greeting cards of my art online. Just click here to view some of my paintings now available as greeting cards and open edition prints. While you are there feel free to leave a […]

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The Final Critique

Dozer taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule today to critique my painting         Once I received Dozer’s paws of approval, the painting for the Dublin Dog Foundation’s fundraiser was packed and shipped.  The painting, Sunshine […]

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A Painting Nears Completion (Day 5)

  Details…so many details!    When a painting nears it’s completion things move much more slowly for me.  At this point I find myself fussing over details while reminding myself that too many details in the wrong place […]

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